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I'm thinking of getting a new device

I've been thinking about the pixel 7 device and was wondering what people think about it. My last 3 devices have been Samsung and was looking for a better camera experience. Does anyone have an opinion on the pixel over Samsung? Devices are so expensive that it's hard to break away from what you already know. Open to suggestions. Thanks in advance ☺️ 


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am thinking about google pixel 6a 

Hey @Harp8221,


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If you need a phone now then you can definitely get that as its $0 a month but if you can wait I would suggest getting the 7a as it has the second generation Tensor chip along with a bit better specs you can compare the two here, hopefully, better deals for that model comes for back to school promotions.


Hello @Original_Lucy,


I've been using Google devices since the Nexus days and I've had the Pixel 3xl, Pixel 5, and now the Pixel 7, I don't usually get a device for the camera I stay with the Google devices because of the overall experience, and not have to deal with all the bloatware that comes with the Samsung devices. Samsung does have good hardware the bloatware just kills the experience. 


While Google devices don't boast higher megapixels cameras the software does an amazing job of taking pictures.

Thanks @KAPABLE-K , I am tired of the samsung apps connections. Sometimes you just don't want to have those apps taking over for you, kind of like the apple garden. You are confirming that. Appreciate your thoughts on this. 

You are welcome @Original_Lucy if you have any other questions regarding the Pixel 7 just fire away and I'll answer as best as I can.