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Huawei P30 lite Dual SIM works?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

My huawei p30 lite coming with a Fido contract has only SIM1 slot working even the phone itself has two physical SIM slots. Is this because Fido's policy which disabled the slot 2 ?

What if I buy a huawei p30 lite from amazon, which claims to support Dual SIM? Does anyone know if it Will work with Fido's network for both SIM slots (e.g, SIM1 has voice/text sim card, SIM2 has a data-only plan sim card)?



Hello @dwj,


As far as I'm aware Fido never sold a physical dual SIM phone, the P30 Lite came in a single SIM and a Hybrid Dual SIM, are you sure the second slot you see is for a SIM, or is it the memory card slot?


If you get the dual SIM version it should work providing it has the necessary bands for Fido network, see here for the bands required to run on Fido network. Also, since it is not a Fido device it is possible some features like WiFi calling might not work.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thanks for your reply. Not sure if it is a Dual SIM or Hybrid Dual SIM. But the second slot looks exactly the same as I see on this youtube link ( ) at around 1:19, and there is symbol "sim2/sd" around the slot 2. But, what is confusing me is that the phone pops a message saying "no sim" when I insert a sim card on the SIM2 slot only.

Hello Dwj,


  Welcome to the community!


  Many phones use similar Hybrid Dual-SIM slots. However, that does not necessarily mean that the devices are dual-SIM capable. Many phone models have different versions with some of them having dual-SIM functionality. For example, the Samsung S10 series all have a similar SIM/MicroSD slot but the Canadian version of those devices were not dual-SIM.


  There seems to be conflicting information online regarding the Canadian version of that device. According to this source, the Canadian verison (Mar-LX3A) should be a dual-SIM version. However, according to the support page for that device, Huawei Canada states the device is single-SIM. While the model numbers are the same, there also appears to be differences in the supported frequencies between those sources. It's possible there is both a single- and dual-SIM version of the Mar-LX3A.


  If you purchased the device from Fido, I would think the information from the Huawei Canada would be more accurate. The notion of that version being a single-SIM device is supported by your observations.


  If you purchase a Huawei P30 Lite from elsewhere, you would need to ensure the version is dual-SIM. If you have a dual-SIM version, you should be able to use both SIMs for different purposes. You should note that it would likely be dual-SIM, dual-standby device. That is, only one SIM slot would be active at a time.


Hope this helps 😀