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HTC one s with wifi issue

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Fido,


I am very disappointed with my HTC one S and I am wondering if I can get a exchange with other phone.  Actually, I had this HTC one S just on Family day.   First of all, my battery is draining very fast.  I have to charge it everydays.  And sometimes it will shut off automatically.  The worst case is the problem with wifi.  For example, in the morning I get connected via wifi without any problems.  But since I leave home and come back from work.  I can't connect with my wifi anymore, until I have to re-boot my phone to get it works.  After re-boot I get the connection right away.


So I want to exchange my phone if possible!



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Hi there Hon,


Sorry to hear you having issues with your new HTC One S.


As for exchanging the phone, we can't help you with this on the Forum.


Please contact our Solution Center at 1888 481-3436 to determine your eligibility for an exchange.