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Fido, its you, not me

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I've been a Fido customer since 1998 (yes, there were cell phones then) and for the most part, I've been quite happy with the service that they provided.  There have been hiccups here and there, but for the most part I ended up getting close to what I needed or wanted from a phone carrier.


That said, I made some inquiries today about getting the new Z10 and they were happy to pass me along to one of the BB sales reps, but when it came time to talk about getting out of my current contract, the conversation was over. 


"Sorry, I wish I could do more." was the standard answer.  I'd have to buy out the rest of my 3-yr agreement (less than a year) even though I've spent...thousands and thousands...on phones/bills in the last 5 years alone (not including that $1000 bill for roaming out of country, thank you very much!) and as a member for 15 years, you'd think that'd buy you some VIP treatment.


Nothing against new customers, but the practice of giving them preferential treatment over those that have been long-time members really does nothing for me other than force me to look else where.


Sorry Fido.


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Slimmer, I actually had the same conversation on Wed. with a rep on the phone. I am 6 months away from being able to upgrade and it will be $300 to cancel my current agreement early and then start over from there. I have paid the same amount every month, even when I didn't take an upgrade, so subsidies don't always make sense to me. The charge is more than to buy the handset that I upgraded to outright. It's not like I am cancelling, I am extending early. That is my perception and maybe someone further up the line can help you. The first line reps are just doing what they are allowed to and then it has to step up from there. So, to quote an overused expression, "Don't shoot the messenger" Try to speak to someone in one of the stores or a supervisor. They really do want to keep us as subscribers and want to help. I have been with them a long time also, and I want to give them the benfit of the doubt. So, make a call or pay a visit and maybe it will work out for you. Sugar not vinegar. cheers and good luck

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Ugh.  So I tried again.


Although the rep was very sympathetic, there was "nothing we can do".


Shame, because the prospect of shopping around for a different provider is something I just don't have time for.

I'm willing to buy outright now...from somewhere else...just for spite.

Do you have any Fido dollars saved up? I have around $160, so by August, I should be able to get one for free using my Fido dollars. Don't know if I want to wait until August tho'. Koodo has them for $550 no contract price

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thanks Lucy. were you successful in trying?

I wan't successful either, I was being optimistic and then I gave it a try. :robotfrustrated:

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

So I called them back and low & behold, Fido waved the fee for early contract cancellation.  I did have to sign another 3-year contract, but at least that portion of the transaction.


It was too bad that I had to return the Z10 less than a week later, as it didn't play well with MS Outlook home edition, nor did it allow me to send email via wifi.  But that is a BB10 and not Fido.




Hey everyone!


Although this thread is quite old, I'd like to add a little update since I came across it  


Monthly service

Fido offers you many options when upgrading your phone:

  • You may sign up for a new agreement or renew your current agreement to take advantage of the lowest prices on phones, based on your current price plan category, or
  • You may upgrade to a new phone at the no Fido agreement price without signing up for a new agreement.


You may also use your FidoDOLLARSTM towards the cost of a phone when you upgrade as well as trade-in your old device to get additional rebates on your new phone (only available in participating stores).

Things to Know

  • A one-time Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee of $25 applies to all phone upgrades, with or without a new Fido agreement.

Prepaid service

You need a new phone? You can upgrade your phone and use your FidoDOLLARS toward the final price of the phone.

Things to Know


  • The FidoDOLLARS will be applied towards the final price after taxes of your new phone.If you order the phone by calling Customer Service, you will be required to pay the balance of the phone by credit card or to pay cash on delivery upon reception.


Phone upgrade

Consult your FidoDOLLARS balance on My Account under the Fido Rewards section. The FidoDOLLARS amount will be applied towards the final price of the phone after taxes.

  • i.e.: A phone costs $70 + taxes = 76.50$ - $50 FidoDOLLARS = $26.50 remaining balance to pay.

To upgrade your phone

  • By calling Customer Service: Dial 6-1-1, free of charge, from a Fido phone or 1-888-482-3436 from any other phone.
  • Fido Store: Visit the nearest Fido store location.

For more details please visit :


Hope this helps !

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

You're right that they seem not to know a lot about their own products. I bought an HTC One S on the premise that it was LTE capable (both the kiosk rep that I talked to prior to purchase and the phone rep when I made the order over the phone confirmed I could just put in an LTE SIM card and it would use the LTE network). Of course, when I went to buy an LTE SIM card at the kiosk, a different rep informed me that it was NOT able to run on the LTE network. Major inconsistency there! I spent quite a bit of time on the phone and got the same answer as you "there's nothing we can do", and they refused to let me speak with a manager or supervisor; basically, Fido lied to me when a simple "I don't know" would have sufficed! I didn't even get an apology, or an attempt to make me a happy customer. Incompetant jerks. Maybe they should subscribe to a developer website like XDA, then they might actually know something about their own phones!


On another note, this phone and contract was my first dabble into Fido (I was with Fido's parent-company Rogers before), and I certainly did NOT get preferential treatment. Unfortunately, I don't think it matters to them how long you have been a customer; you are simply a dollar sign and a customer number to them. Unless something major happens, I will never re-sign with Fido, and will gladly inform all the people I know about their level of quality (since it is the only thing I can do).