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Fido Phones with NFC

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

How can i check if a Fido phone has NFC?. 


If you look through the Fido website phone details there is no info on NFC.  My Huawei Nova Plus Fido version doesnt have NFC but other versions of the Nova Plus do, so it difficult to figure it out by searching the web.


I was hoping to use Android Pay but it looks like i am out of luck with this phone.


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Hello @petemj,


According to the specs on the Huawei Canadian site here the Nova Plus does not have NFC.

Also Mobilesyrup did a review on the phone here and NFC is not listed in the specs.


If your model is the MLA-L03, Huawei confirmed that it does not have NFC here.

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1
Yes i have the MLA-L03, and i realized it didn't have NFCsoon after i got it.
I think i searched for nova plus instead of mla-l03 beforepurchasing.

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Hello Petemj,


  I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed finding out your phone does not have that particular function.


  It's not uncommon for phone models to have various versions for the different target markets. Some potential differences between the versions might include different processors, varying bands/frequencies, dual-SIM offerings, etc.


  As far as I can tell, the Canadian version of the Huawei Nova Plus is the MLA-L03 (see here). You can view some of the differences on specification websites like GSMArena. However, those sites can often provide generalised specifications and may not accurately represent differences between the versions (unless specified like bands/frequencies).


  Your best option in determining the specifications of a particular model version is to search for the specific model number. You can then search for the specifications for that version. I try to find the Canadian version model number from the company's Canadian website first. Often, they will also provide the proper specifications. However, some do not. I then suggest searching and comparing the specifications for that model number from multiple different sites. If I can't find what I'm looking for, I would then start asking questions -- either from the company itself or a relevant forum. Does <model version number> have ____?


  If I can't seem to find the model version number on their Canadian website, a good place to start is to Google: What is the model number of Canadian version of ___?


Hope this helps Smiley