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Fido Device replacement is RIDICULOUS: BRIGHTSTAR

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I lost my Iphone X 64 gb and filed in a replacement. I got charged $400+tax replacement fee which is for a phone cost 1200+ and no way the cost of my phone was more than 750$ and should fall on Tier 2 according to this.


Please take a look at this official apple website which is selling the same for $549:


Who in this world can justify the cost for iphone X for than 1200$. This is ridiculous where I am getting charged for such a huge amount.


I called them and I got a simple answer: "The replacement cost is non-negotiable and we don't have access to the information you are talking about, what kind of people work in Brightstar that they do not have access to the website"


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Senior MVP

Hello Hsingh11,


  Welcome to the community!


  The repair and replacement costs are based on the MSRP of the device. The Official Apple website you provide lists the cost for certified refurbished devices. Those costs are not the MSRP. The outright cost for the iPhone X 64GB from Bell was $1349.99 (see here). I understand that page shows the device listed as $799 from Fido. However, that is on a two-year Large plan. That is, the $799 is not the total cost of the device. The total device cost would be $799 + (subsidy x 24mts). While that page does not list an outright cost for that version of the iPhone X with Fido, the device is shown to cost in excess of $1300 from the other providers.


  As shown in your image, the replacement cost for a device with a MSRP in excess of $1300 is $400. Even if you did not pay that much for that device, the MSRP would remain the same.


**edit** The outright cost for the iPhone X 64GB (presumably from Apple Canada and therefore MSRP) was $1319 (see here).**


Hope this helps 😀