Esim and contract phone

Esim and contract phone

Esim and contract phone

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Esim and contract phone

I am using esim on iPhone. I just got a contract phone with a tri-sim card. Can I continue using iPhone with Fido, while using other SIM card on the new device?

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Hello Neanveu,


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  Are you asking whether you can use both the eSIM on iPhone and regular SIM in a different device with the same phone number? If so, then that is unfortunately not possible. Your phone number can only be associated with one SIM (either eSIM or regular SIM) at a time.


  However, if you have two plans (ie two phone numbers), you could continue using both eSIM and regular SIM -- one in each device.


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Hello @neanveu 


If there is no need to use the phone you got on contract you can continue using the iPhone if you wish.