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Does any Android still have these features?

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Hello, all
After using Androids for years, I had been using my brother's hand-me-down iPhone for about a year-and-a-half. I was really shocked at all the wonderful things an Android can do that iPhone couldn't... And iPhone users didn't even know what I was talking about when I would ask them how to do it.

I made the decision to go back to Android a few months ago. I've got a Samsung Galaxy S6. [On a side note, but relevant: the kiosk had no covers and this beautiful shiny slippery thing shot right off my desk and shattered first day!😭😭😭 I called Fido to see what they could suggest regarding repairs and whether a swap was available since I opted for a contract. No and no! 😠...not a happy customer since I've been with them since their inception. I bought a second identical phone from Samsung and so the story continues...]

Much to my horror, after having bought a second phone, I gradually discovered that this newer phone could not do some of the wonderful things my older phone from a few years ago could. I would not have bothered, had I known.

In the past I've used LG and Sony (I really loved the Sony Xperia; 2 if I recall).I'm wondering if any other Androids do these things:

•Zoom that will "fit to screen" - that was probably the best option ever!! I can't imagine why something so extremely useful was dropped.

•Bandwidth restricting by using "disable images from loading". In some cases I can get around this by settings in an app, but it was useful to have blanket control.

•lock in landscape mode. That was another great feature, I get really annoyed by the screen flipping around, or being able to freeze it only in portrait mode. I was able to find an app to freeze it, but it was much more fussy than being able to do it strictly through the settings.

Needless to say iPhone can do none of those, or at least not that I've ever discovered through a lot of searching and asking people.

Although I've always been a fan of Android, if it can't do things that the iPhone can't do either, there's no reason to keep my loyalty to Android.



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi @linda99!


Amazing devices right? 

Regarding the 2 first features you've mentioned, did they work in all the apps you used? Or only messaging/browsing apps?


For the screen lock feature, it still exists, swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the notification panel, you should see ''rotation/portrait''. 

This will lock it in portrait mode, not sure if it can lock in landscape though. 


Hey @linda99,


Did FidoManuel's suggestion help?