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Device OS Update and long term support?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Does Fido provide any warranty on long term support of their devices? I realize that the devices are unlocked but Fido still manages device updates.


My Huawei P30 is obviously not supported anymore (reasons are easy to figure out) and the device is not getting any updates anymore. EMUI 12 has been released for this device for more than a year and there are no Huawei devices listed in OS Schedule. I'm wondering when I buy my next device, will Fido be providing any guarantees on long term support or can the same happen to any Samsung or other device?


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Senior MVP

Hello CadErik,


  While North America does not appear on their OS Upgrade plan (see also here and here), they do appear to be continuing security updates for some devices. Unfortunately, that device does not appear to be eligible for security updates (see here). If Huawei Canada is not providing security updates for that device, it is doubtful they will provide any further OS updates.


  As mentioned, mobile providers can only offer updates which are released by the phone manufacturers. The same would apply for the other phone manufacturers as well. For example, the number of OS updates and security updates for Samsung devices varied by device model (see here). More recently, Samsung announced certain Galaxy devices will receive 4 years of OneUI updates and 5 years of security updates (see here). That might be more updates than even Google devices receive (see here), though I'm not sure if Google has since updated their update availability.


  If you wish longer-term support, Apple tends to provide better iOS update availability for older devices.


  If your main concern is long-term support, you might consider researching the manufacturer's planned update schedule for your device of interest.


Hope this helps 😀



I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Thanks for the clarification. All my searches have pointed in the past to Huawei having EMUI 12 on the P30. The lack of North America in their update roadmap for ELE devices definitely says something. My previous inquiries on the topic did point to the OS update schedule which doesn't have any mentions of Huawei devices. 


Thanks for the links and clarification,




Hello @CadErik,


Fido does not manage the updates they come directly from the manufacturer given it is first tested by the carriers before it gets pushes to the devices from the manufacturer, Since Fido no longer carries the device and since the ban on the company I would safely assume Fido or any carrier in Canada will be allowed to work with Huawei.


As far as I'm aware Huawei makes no mention of the update for North America see here. Not sure if this is due to the ban or because it's just late, it would be best to contact Huawei and they would be able to better tell you.


Fido will continue to provide support for any device they carry until its end of life which could be due to outdated technology or the manufacturer no longer supporting it also.


Huawei support was ended due to government intervention.