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Change the device that I just ordered!!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I just got the Tablet plan which was offered at $0 for 24 months and I picked up the ZTE tablet at ' $ -5 ' ( negative 5), rest are zero or all positive numbers. Maybe the negative price was a glich or something and I could not understand why the tablet is at negatve 5. When I finished ordering it, The bill says $7 including tax. Now I want to change the tablet to Samsung A 8.4 which is also at $0. I cannot see anything in my account and the chat is telling me to try again each time I try. Is there any way I can get that changed before the shipment?



Hey @hss33


Welcome abord the Community!


You can exchange any device within the 15 days Satisfaction Guarantee period. Past 15 days, it will not possible to do that. As we don't have access to your account, it is not possible for us to tell you the status of the order. However, if your order hasn't shipped, but was treated by our team, we cannot cancel it. That said, once the order is shipped and sent to you, you can refuse to accept the tablet upon delivery. This way, the courrier service will return it to us and you'd be able to place a new order. 


The financing amount of the tablet will be positive, but if you are getting any bill credit and with that, it will help reduce the data only plan's monthly fee.


You can always reach out to us through these channels and our team would be happy to help.