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Cannot reduce monthly plan only increase

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am now retired and don't require 50 GB data anymore.  I told Fido that and was first told you cannot reduce a plan, only increase it. I called back said there was a plan for new customers of 20 GB for $34. I was told this wasn't in my offers so I cannot receive that plan. This was after I told the person I have been with Fido for way over 20 years. Not sure what the big deal is, but i assume they have a set amount they want to make off customers and there is room to move from there. I did get a plan with Koodo which start after this billing cycle is over. a friend switched over to them and said it is no different at all. So obviously Fido could care less about existing loyal customers, only cares about obtaining new customers. Seems a strange way to run a business, but I guess that is up to whoever is charge.



Hey @snapcutter,


We're sad to learn that you decided to leave us. 🙁


While we do have different deals for both new and existing customers, we do always ensure to offer great deals for long time customers as well! 


By all means, if ever you'd be interesting in reviewing those, contact us here.