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Can Samsung Note 20 support European eSIM?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm planning to travel to Italy and would like to know if my Samsunf Note 20 will be able to use an esim from there. I'm currently on the One UI version and I read it should work but to check with my carrier (FIDO)



Hello @Bexyt,


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Whether the e-SIM or any SIM will work all depends on the carrier in Italy, you will have to find out which carrier SIM you will be using and then see the requirements needed such as which band/frequencies your phone needs to work with that carrier.


Calling Fido's customer service will most likely not be helpful as they will not know and can only provide you with information related to their own network.


The One UI is what Samsung refers to as their version of Android which I believe is at version 4.1 the OS version should not determine if your phone will work on a network or not what will though is the hardware if it has the required bands/frequencies.


You can start here to check the specs of the specific model of your phone then look up the carrier you might be using in Italy and see what frequencies they require.

Hello @Bexyt I'm not that familiar with esims but if you are asking if your device can accept one I found this way to check

Samsung devices

  1. Go to Settings
  2. If in Settings you see a search bar, type in “IMEI”, and the option “IMEI information” (or similar) should show up (otherwise, you will need to go to About phone> Status).
  3. Tap “IMEI information”

If the “IMEI (eSIM)” is available it should mean that your device supports eSIM.



I Hope that's what you were looking for. If not, were you asking if you could add another esim to your device at the same time? If that is the question, I would suggest contacting fido technical support from your device by calling 611.