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Iphone 13 backorder for several weeks

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I ordered an iphone 13 weeks ago and didn't receive any acknowledgement of my order until I called Fido. I have since called fido a number of times and have received next to 0 help with information on order status or even helping to see if there is a different colour in stock I could switch to. Earlier this week I was told it would ship in 2-5 business days and that timeline has came and went with absolutely nothing. If i cancel my order I lose my exclusive deal that was the reason why i upgraded in the first place. I am very unhappy with this experience, This is the first time I've tried to order a phone with fido and it has been very frustrating. I had to switch my BYOD deal to a more expensive plan to get this phone and now I'm stuck paying for the more expensive plan with no phone in sight!


Customer service has been unhelpful, I have spent lots of time on hold just to get no answers or inaccurate answers.


Hi there @Mq102 , I feel your pain. There's so many things back ordered everywhere right now and unfortunately the iPhone is one of them. I'm sure you will hear soon about the status of your order. You usually won't get a notification until your item is shipped. If you were told that you should be receiving your device soon, then a shipment from Apple must be imminent. It's disappointing when we don't receive our device when we first order it. The anticipation is crazy making. Hopefully you'll get it soon. Fingers 🤞