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please dont take brightstar insurance.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have Samsung s10 dual sim phone .it's screen broken accidentally.  I called brightstar to repair its my first claim ,so its free screen replacement.  First ,they gave repair shop thats 45 mins away. I went there 5 times . First 3 times they ordered wrong screen, 4 times they said part missing , 5 time they said its international model .we cant do it .its screen gonna take 4 months .I called brightstar again .they gave me another repair shop address.thats even further . Same thing happened ,they said ame thing sorry dont have screen . Called again brightstar ,then they we will send you same exact model . I got today that repalcement . I got afraid when I opened box, its different model and single sim . Holy **bleep** they asking me send ne my dual sim back to them . After got replacement, I called again and told them that you rep yesterday saying you will get same phone .but its totally different model . Then said whatever we have we can give you that . So pls my advice is never that brightstar insurance.  They are not reliable.  I have tasted that bitter taste. If anyone won't believe. They will taste dame thing . Thank you .


My intention is to share my experiences what happened to me . Thank you 


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Hello Amrinder1,


  Welcome to the community!


  I understand your concern. It's unfortunate that you did not understand the device protection you purchased. Brightstar does state:


~taken from here.


  While you should have been provided the details when you purchased the protection, you can also view them here.


  Most insurance companies would try to replace devices with as ones close to the protected devices as possible. With your case, it's a little unreasonable to expect a replacement device that was exactly the same as your device. The dual-SIM variants of the S10 are not sold in North America (see here). While there may be some resellers who have been able to obtain a dual-SIM variant, those variants are relatively few in North America. In addition, since that variant is not widely available in Canada, parts for that version might not be readily available. Sure, some of the components would be the same for the different variants, however, others are quite different (ie Snapdragon vs Exynos).


  Again, I do understand your concern. However, you cannot extrapolate your experience to others as your situation with a dual-SIM variant is unique.


**edit** This article also mentions the fact that the dual-SIM variant is not available in US (or Canada)**


Hope this helps 😀