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BlackBerry Torch

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Does anybody know if fido will be getting the BlackBerry Torch. I would hate to go elsewhere for this phone ? 



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi there


For strategic reasons, our marketing department will only release information about new handsets at the very last minute. We can simply say that new models are being tested on an on-going basis and are launched once they meet our strict quality standards.


For information regarding the latest handsets, we invite you to check back regularly on

I have no idea wether Fido will get the Torch or not (I'm leaning more towards it won't, but it would be quite a pleasant surprise to get it), but I can assure you that an unlocked Torch works fine on the Fido network. I've had no problems so far and it works just as well as if I got it from Fido. True it is a Rogers unlocked phone, but it remains that it's a Torch on the Fido network.

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Actually, it won't work just like if fido carried it.  Unlocked blackberries indicate they are roaming, where as fido branded ones have special code in them to trick them into thinking 302-720 as home network.  That means if you turn data off while roaming, the unlocked one will not find data, it will use more battery power when its in automatic mode, cus it wll constantly look for 302-370, and the shortcuts to MyAccount will not work, nor will Fido.Mobi wap portal work properly, one good thing is mms WILL work now on unlocked berries.

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

I actually haven't noticed any decrease in my battery life since I've been with Fido. True if you turn off data while roaming it won't work, but I don't turn it off myself, so I never faced the problem. As for the MyAccount app, there's just no icon pushed to the phone. Actually, I haven't noticed any icons/applications pushed to my phone at all. And yes, MMS does work, that I've tested.