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Bait and Switch ?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

The iphone 7 has been for sale on the fido website for ages. It's now on clearance except its been sold out for over two weeks and yet is still on the site and offered for sale. When you call in to purchase it the agent tries to sell you something different and of course at a higher price.


So why don't you remove this item from your site since you don't have any or is it the old "Bait and Switch" tactic ?



Hey @PedroPedro! Welcome to the community. 


Devices offered on are sometimes backordered or out of stock temporarily. We don't remove them to give the chance to our customers to order the phones they want albeit the delays.  


With the iPhone 7, we still have a limited quantity and representatives are there to assist you and go through other options in case you don't want to wait longer for this specific phone. 


We thank you for the feedback on this, we are always working to improve our website to make it easier for everyone. Smiley