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Agent Offered me Wrong Information to make sale.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was on FIDO BYOD plan under my brothers account for $50/9GB plan. I wanted to create a new account under my own name and move to some cheaper plan. Agent told me that it was possible over the phone and never gave me any information about the transfer of duty fees. He did my credit check and we opened a new account under my name and he offered me a deal on new activation $45 / 4GB data with $10 off for 24months that made my plan for $35 for 24months. I was pretty happy with the deal


Later i recieved my bill and i found there was transfer of duty fees and also $10 was not added to my account since my new activation was not done and just moved me from Fido to Fido account. I mean i was not happy with the wrong information provided to me. 


I called up again and the agent said nothing could be done. They were not even feeling sorry for the wrong information they give to customer. I was not allowed to speak to managers and said we cant do anything.

I moved from $50/9GB to $45/4GB.... insane !! Worst customer service i have recieved here.


Will surely be looking to leave fido after 2 years due to this experience.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Ks1990


Welcome to the Community. 


We're really sorry to see there was any kind of confusion about this. It is true that a Transfer of Responsibilities does not count as a new activation as you are not technically activating a new line. 


In this case here, I would suggest reaching out to our customer service team so we can take a closer look at the situation and review the details of this interaction. You can reach us through one of the options found on our Contact Us page here


Otherwise, if you would prefer, we can also send you a PM. Let us know! Smiley