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60 cents anytime plan

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there, I have two issues and 1 question:  Issue #1 : I am on the 60 cents anytime plan, but the features listed say 40 cents for calls and texts....But I am being charged 60 cents.  The feautures shown on my account page are incorrect and misleading.  Issue #2:  Why am I being charged 60 cents to access my voice mail?     Question #1:  If I go to the USA,, is it true that my roaming will turn on automatically...and what will I be charged per minute and per text?  Thanks very much, Julie                              April 13, 2022.


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Hello Julika1,


  Welcome to the community!


  Firstly to answer your question. From what you note, you appear to have a pre-paid plan. Most plans would allow for roaming already. However, since you have a pre-paid plan, roaming would be on a pay-per-use basis using pre-paid roaming rates. You can view the rates here. Once you select your destination, you will be provided with the roaming rates for that particular destination. To clarify, pre-paid plans do not allow for Fido Roam so the only option is with pay-per-use using pre-paid rates. In addition, I do not believe Wifi-calling is available with pre-paid plans so all usage abroad would be considered roaming (even to Canadian numbers). It should also be noted that roaming data is not available with pre-paid roaming.


  With  regards to your issues. I understand the features listing might not have been updated. However, as you note, you have the 60¢ Anytime Plan so your calls would be 60 cents per minute. I believe those plans used to be 40¢ Anytime Plan. It's likely the feature listing had not been updated to reflect the new details.


  Accessing voicemail requires you to call into your voicemail mailbox to retrieve your messages. Since accessing your voicemail involves calling the voicemail retrieval number, the cost is the same as your usual minute calling rate.


Hope this helps 😀



Hi @julika1 , I can't answer the question regarding your account, however, I did find this regarding roaming  

"Pay-Per-Use rates: If you don’t have Fido Roam or roaming add-on, your outgoing Wi-Fi Calling messages and calls to a non-Canadian number will be charged based on standard roaming Pay-Per-Use rates."

So I interpret that as you can use your phone for texts and calling your rates would be determined by your add ons if you have any. You can read about Pay-Per-Use and roaming Here l hope that answers your questions