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why setup service fee?? I feel so robbed

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Yes, I ordered my service via the chat since I wanted to ask some clarification questions before ordering. now I can see my first bill with the setup service fee which is even higher than my plan?? I wasn't even told that there would be such fee to be added to my first bill. 


IfI were to cancel my plan now, would this scam-like fee be refunded??


Hi there @sehwan , I'm sorry you were not aware of a service fee when signing up with a carrier through an agent. Every carrier has that policy and the fee is waived when you use the self serve process on the website. I'm pretty sure there is a message about administration fees when going through a representative to sign up.  If you decide to cancel your account,  the set up fee will not be refunded as it's a charge for personal service. I know it frustrates you and you are aware that signing up with an agent incurs fees.  (Yes, I ordered my service via the chat)

Sorry you didn't fully understand the details and were charged. You just might enjoy fido if you stay, rather than cancel. 😉 all the best.