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whatsapp: can't receive verification SMS on new phone

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Got a new iPhone 15 Pro on Saturday. Ported over my SIM to the new phone... everything works fine: iMessage works, voicemail works, receiving SMS from non-iPhone people works, receiving SMS from various 3rd party providers to verify "it's me" works...


Just one thing doesn't work: WhatsApp verification. The stupid thing tells me it's gonna send me an SMS and then claims it can't. No SMS is received. When I pick the "Call Me" option, the call comes through, I get the code, I enter the code... and then WhatsApp pretends it hasn't gotten the code and tells me to try again in 15 minutes/1 hour/1 day/etc.


Does anyone have any ideas? I have ZERO clue why it thinks it can't send me SMS since I am getting them from all other sources (friends, banks, etc.).



Hey @Kh6041 


Unfortunately, we do not support third party apps here. The best advise we can give you would be to contact the whatsapp support team directly for assistance or troubleshooting.


I suggest checking out their contact us page here:


I hope this helps! 




Hello @kh604,


Is the app still working on the old device? If so you might need to log out from that device and any other device the account may be linked to like if you signed in to a web browser on a computer you might have to unlink all those and then try again.