voicemail in usa

voicemail in usa

voicemail in usa

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voicemail in usa

my husband and I have unlocked iphones and are on Fido. Everytime we leave Canada to go to USA we have trouble with our voicemail and cant believe that Fido does not have a formula to deal with this. It has been 4 days of screwing around and they still cannot make it work. 

anyone else ?????? Help


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Hey @chowtime9!


Are you still having trouble with your voicemail? 


Let us know!

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Hello Chowtime9,


  Welcome to the community!


  Could you please elaborate as to what kind of problem you're having with voicemail in the US? Do you have Fido Roam or Travel Pack or Pay-per-use? What phones are you trying to use? Are you able to use your phones to make other calls while you're in the US. Have you verified your phones are compatible with the local networks at your location?


  How are you trying to access your voicemail -- dialling your phone number or using your phone's shortcut?...


Additional information would be helpful Smiley