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someone has the same phone number

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I only got this sim and number for a month but I been receiving messages and calls trying to reach someone name Clemen. Tried to register for an amazon account with this number and it said it's registered under the email of cl****** so i am assuming it belongs to Clemen. Can someone assist me with this issue


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Senior MVP

Hello QuaillyQuinn,


  I don't think anyone has the same phone number. It's just not possible. However, it is likely that someone had the phone number previously and hasn't updated their accounts with their new phone number details. When lines are cancelled or phone numbers changed, those old phone numbers are out of circulation for a period of time before they are recycled for new customers. If memory serves, I think it's about 90 days where those numbers cannot be given out and used again. The time out of circulation is usually enough time for many of those types of associations to be changed. However, some people sometimes do forget to update their details for some accounts. In addition, there may be other reasons why a phone number was cancelled or changed.


  As mentioned below, if you are not invested in that particular phone number, you might consider changing phone numbers. On the other hand, if you would like to keep the phone number, you might have to do a little leg-work to get that phone number removed from various accounts. For example, you could contact Amazon and notify them that the phone number no longer belongs to that person and you are now the owner of the number so they can dissociate it from their account. Amazon will likely need to verify the information and send a one-time-password to the phone number.


Hope this helps 😀




Hello @QuaillyQuinn , wow sounds like you have someone's old number. How frustrating that must be. If you are not completely invested in keeping that number,  you can go online with and change your number. If you've only had it for a month then you hopefully won't have too many people and places to contact with a new number. I believe it's free to change your number online.