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prepaid is starting to feel like a scam on my 2nd day since activation

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I was looking for a new prepaid plan for my mother who doesn't use as much talk time, texts or data. As a 20+ year fido monthly plan customer, it was a no brainer for me to look to fido. So yesterday I purchased a $150 semi annual prepaid plan at a fido store. The service rep rang up $150 vouchers for the new prepaid account. However I needed to port over my mother's active Public Mobile number to the new fido number but I didn't have my mother's Public Mobile account info at the time, so the transfer couldn't be done. No sweat, the service rep said. We can do the porting over afterward. Perfect!


Today, I attempted to port over the number. After some confusion (fido needs to fix their confusing SMS for the number transfer request and up their game on service quality when one of their service advisors decided to hang up on me after promising to transfer me to the correct department) and about an hour after kicking off the transfer process, the number was successfully ported over.


Just when I thought everything on fido's end worked out like what the service rep had told me yesterday, I decided to make sure my mother can use fido's service. Guess what? My mother can't. Apparently her new fido account has expired and the account balance is $0. I tried redeeming the voucher codes on the receipt I got yesterday but they had been redeemed. Where did the $150 vouchers go?? My mother is now left with no access to a phone...



Hey @tchiu,


I'm sorry to learn about your recent experience with this prepaid account. I do recommend to take this up with our support team as far as the voucher's validity and what can be done for the closed account. 


You can contact our customer care team here.