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porting in, incoming texts delayed

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Is it normal for incoming texts to be delayed by even 20 minutes or more on the evening of a port? I've just ported in about 4 hours ago.


I can send texts near instantly, but receiving them is taking significant time. I can call out, I can get calls, data works, it's just the incoming texts are quite delayed


I'm coming from public mobile in case that matters at all. I ported in store as I was too nervous to try myself online, was even given a fresh sim for security reasons I think


It would be great to hear that this is normal, please let me know!



Hello @Advocate4Change,


Welcome to the community!


Once the port is completed everything should work as intended, what is the make and model of the device you are using? Did you get a new device from Fido or are you using the same device you were using with the previous provider? If so you might want to check to make sure the device has the correct APN setting for Fido, you can get that information here,  You can also try doing a network reset on your device and see if that helps.


You can also try sending yourself a text message and see if you get the delay.