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over charges & questions ?!!

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi All,


It seems Fido changed its policy regarding dealing with data over charge cases, because i have experienced  this case  3 times in past years :


- First time when was few years ago, the customer service agent resolved this issue so nice and wise!

- Second time when was few months ago, the customer service agent tried to sell me new plan!!!!????

- This time (04/09/2019) the customer service agent got into the case (like a criminal detective) and waste 15 min of my time to just say she confirm my story but she can not revert the overcharge!??

What is the story?

Fido used to send me the data usage alert texts in 2 steps:

first text : when reach 90% of data usage

second text :  when reach 95% of data usage

but this time i just got  90% of data usage (at 16/08/2019) and got data usage violation (at 22/08/2019) and as soon as getting the usage violation i turned off my internet in 5 sec and didn't use the Fido internet up to next monthly plan renewal (at 23/08/2019) !!!

but they overcharged me for just few MBs and the questions are:


1.Am i supposed to just use 90% of my data package and i am not  permitted to use till end of it ?

2.Am i responsible for your delayed 'exceeding data usage alert text' ?

3.Why you didn't send me '95% data usage alert', did you change your policy ?








Hi @vahid3


Rest assured you are allowed to use your data to 100%. Keep in mind though that the notifications are sent only after the data session has finished. This means you do not receive any notification while still being connected to the internet. This should answer your first two questions. 


As for the data alerts at 95%, we never really sent those at 95%; it has always been 90%. 


Note that you can always proactively check your unbilled data usage here