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not the best

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am very dissapointed with FIDO, being with FIDO since 2013 i am thinking of cancelling all my lines as i have notice that : 

1. My cellphones lines 2 years contract finishes this month when i try to select a BYOP the prices are as follows: 40$ for 1 GB if i select automatic payment whereas when i ADD a new line its as from 25$. 

2. When given so call loyalty plan on each lines - the prices are always higher and the argument is that they are offering more GB- nowadays we have wifi nearly everywhere and we dont need 40-70GB. 

So in the end all they do is just increasing the bill- no loyalty ever. 




Hey @Hello5887

Thank you so much for being with us for so long! 

We'd be more than happy to look into your options if you contact us