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Roaming Charges too high?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido's overseas Roaming packages are too expensive.

Meaning each time I travel,   example to Europe,  I end up having to buy a European Sim Card.

Which works out to be  1/10th  the cost per day of what  Fido charges.

If I go to Europe say for 3 weeks,  that works out to $352.80 with tax.

A local Sim card in Europe will cost me $36 for the month.

That is almost 10 time cheaper that Fido.

And no,   my vacation time is not based on Fido's billing cycles



Hi @Fido5001 , I hear you. I buy a Sim whenever I travel. Keep in mind that if you want to use your fido plan like at home, Fido has to negotiate with the country you are traveling to, to allow you to use your Canadian service and phone number for a mutually agreeable fee. When you use a local Sim card, it's billed by a local company with no third party agreements, therefore cheaper to roam local. If you absolutely need to be in France, Germany or Japan using your local Canadian phone number, then the costs go up exponentially. If you want people from home to contact you, leave the phone number for the Sim card on your voice mail at home and get a plan with free incoming calls. It's all about global trade.