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new phone stopped working after 3 weeks, waited a month before repair

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi Fido, 


I would like to point how ridiculous was my experience with you service.

I have been a customer with you for quite a while now and until last november I was using my own device.

In late november, I subscribe for a new 2 year deal which made me delighted to have a new samsung phone. 

An A70 I rece3ived it by post on december 3rd and it was working well until the 12th january. While I was watching youtube with my daughter some green line appeared on the screen until the whole screen was totally green. the phone was still working fine at that point and the problem was only on the display. I was able to take calls for ex.

The next morning I contacted your service on the phone explained the problem then the technician asked me to go to a Fido shop in order to send over the mobile phone for diagnostic.

Which I did the same day. At the shop, eaton center - downtown montreal the staff was very polite and told me that I shopuld have an answer within a couple of days. during the next three weeks I called the shop every odd days and after check I got answered , no ..not yet ... please call us later.

After three weeks I got answered that my phone was not a total loss and unrepairable with the following diagnostic of required changed - motherboard damaged , usb connector damaged, screen damage, water damage. cost 450$ for a phone retailled at 550$. My phone was in pristine state, I take good care of my electronics. never been in contact with water other than rain.. when it's rainy outside.

I then said WTF. the shop assistant then told me that as I had the phone for more than 15 days FIDO warantee and satisfaction was not applying anymore and requested $35 fees for handling the phone. then the only warranty was the 1 year  constructor SAMSUNG warranty, another WTF. Knowing this phone couldn't get those damages I then requested to get back the phone and the shop manager helped to remove the 35$ fee. 

thank god ! I could get back my hands on the phone.

I then had to send the phone to SAMSUNG myself, a new phone .. which is the proporty of FIDO as I didn't even payed back a cent. (penny) 

I did sent it to a samsung shop and in less than 48 hours the screen was replaced as this was the main problem since the beginning. I didn't had to pay anything as under warranty by the maker.

why did I spend 4 full weeks with your service while if your support operator from the beginning will have told me "you did not took the extensive warranty, you have the phone for more than 2 week go to samsung, here is the phone number." it will have been simple. I wouldn't have created headache to me the shop keeper .  I believe your model for after sales is not working. I believe the company you outsource the repair wanted to stole me. I do thank  the shop manager at Eaton montreal to remove the 35$ fees requested by the repair center. Why do I have to send the phone myself to samsung. the phone is a loan and you are the owner of it until I repay it, you will ask for a refund of the phone if I break my contract isn't it.

I believe 15 days for FIDO warranty is not enough other like videaotron, rogers, bell are all at 1 month. Can you please review your model because I will now think twice before renewing my contract with you. 



Chris M.. Montreal, QC




Hey @kingyo


Welcome to the community! 


I do want to start off by apologizing for your recent experience in regards to repairing your phone. That doesn't sound right and definitely not the kind of experience we'd want to offer. By all means, I'm glad to read that you were able to get the phone fixed directly with Samsung! 


We'll send you a PM to gather more insight on the situation. 😊