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need separate logins? really? can't merge

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

signed up for fido cell in store after having internet for years.  I figured it would merge with my internet account (which has auto pay). Next thing I know, I'm getting an overdue noticed. I log in and only see my internet, can't view mobile.

After paying the bill and talking to multiple reps (most of them who had no idea why), the rep told me I have to separately register my cell phone account manually UNDER A DIFFERENT Email and there is no way to have both on the same email or payment...

so I have two logins/two emails for fido accounts and I have to sign out of one to get to the other? this seems a bit silly.

Looking for advice! (FYI the reps were all nice, nothing against anyone, if this is true its more of technical design issue)



Hey @Nnoye,


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If both accounts are under the same billing profile (ei, the same name and address), our customer care team can link them under 1 log in for 


Did you get the chance to reach out to customer care to see if this can be done for your account? 

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

It started when i signed for a phone plan and thought the accounts would be linked. Got an overdue notice for the cell a month later and when I sign in only the internet shows. I called and talked to three different reps (about that and another issue), none knew what the problem was.

The last rep told to try live chat help and I did. That rep told me I have to register the cell myself,  when I tried under the email,  it says 'already registered' (due to the internet account) and she told me I would need to register under an different email and told me there s definitely no way to link the accounts and only have one email.  So I have done that,  two emails, two accounts but I figured there must be a better way and thus why I posted. Looks like you're saying I can,  but most reps aren't familiar with this I guess.  Suggestions?

Hey @Nbradyod,


Welcome to the community! 


You're definitely able to merge your profile under the same account, though you will still receive two separate bills.

You're welcome to also reach out via Facebook or Twitter and we'll be more than happy to help you with this.