my bill

my bill

my bill

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my bill

I Have been upgrade my phone last 2 months back, that phone I upgraded via Costco store. 

When  was talkig to Fido, the girl has confmred that she is gonna give a $15 disccount for 6 month, waived admin fee $25, I have a interaction ID i938641793, now they have not applied that $15 disscount my current bill.  also my current phone had some issue ( rebooteding itself, over heating ) I also talk about this fido promis me to they are going to careate a case for this and gave me a interection id for that i955432737, i956043564,


I have been talk to many people they were not considering any of this interaction id,they create more and more propblem on to my accountn. Please contact ASAP, I need to fix this 


Otherwise I need to leave this company soon as possiblee


please apply my $15 creadit for my current bill take this phone back refund the money back that I have paid you gus last month





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Hey alexsfsf!


We'd hate to lose you!


That definitely doesn't sound right.  


We'll need to take a peek in your account to see what's going on.


We'll send you a PM shortly!