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eSIM availability on my Fido portal?

I'm a contributor level 3
I'm a contributor level 3

I will start off first apologizing because this forum is anything but intuitive and user friendly. 


Perhaps my question has already been answered or is buried somewhere?


I understand that we can download an eSIM for our devices from our Fido account portal. Is this true?

If so, is there a charge? And finally, what are the limitations of swapping or installing eSIMs? For instance, if you have a temporary device or switch from Android to iPhone or vice versa, is there a limitation how many times you can request the eSIM?  I know with Shaw, you were limited to only one eSIM QR code generation a month.


I'm a contributor level 3
I'm a contributor level 3



Hi there @Confusedhere @KAPABLE-K , just to add to kapable-k's information,  I found this instructive from mobile syrup Here  if you wish to read it. Hope all the information covers you. 

I'm a contributor level 3
I'm a contributor level 3

@Original_LucyI appreciate the link. It's unfortunate and baffling why Fido doesn't include the instructions and we must resort to a blog to obtain instructions which should be provided by Rogers and Fido.


Hello @Confusedhere,


Yes, it does appear that Fido put the option to generate a QR code or eSIM number, you can find it under Manage SIM when you log in to


If you are getting a new eSIM or physical SIM there is a $10 fee but if you are switching from a physical SIM to an eSIM or vice versa there is no charge, an eSIM can only be activated once same as a physical SIM if you switch from a physical SIM to an eSIM the physical SIM will no longer work and you cannot use it back again. If you erase the eSIM you will need to get a new one as the previous QR code will no longer work.


There isn't a limit on how many eSIMs we can generate but if you do it too often it will trigger a fraud alert and you will eventually have to contact the validation team because certain actions will be suspended on your account.

I'm a contributor level 3
I'm a contributor level 3



Thank you for the info. It  helps!


If you need to switch back to a physical SIM, say your smartphone is in repair or you no longer have it and will be using a SIM only device, will there be a charge or will it be the same like you mentioned no charge for the eSIM?


As far as you're aware,  are you 100% certain the physical SIM will no longer work after you switch over to eSIM?  


The reason I  remain skeptical is over the 35+ years I have had a cell phone and  been with the Rogers "family" I was provide the same scripted response: SIM cards can't be re-used. This wasn't true at all.


Before smartphones becamse the norm, I had "dumb" phones and many SIM cards which the Rogers/Fido provided me as they were included when they mailed out the phones.


The SIMS I received were all associated/link to my mobile account. And that's what's key.


As long as they remain linked, I can swap (activate and deactivate the SIM card ) by using another SIM.   Sometimes the SIM would be damaged or technical support recommended another SIM to be used.


Depending on my activity (business or personal), I sometimes would swap SIM cards several times a month which was dependent on which device I was or needed to use. Sometimes I needed to use a device like a Blackberry, iPhone, or dumb phone depending on the needs. Each had their purpose.


Eventually, like now, we could change or swap SIM cards through our Rogers/Fido portal. The same messaging appeared each time warning us that once you activate another SIM, the previous SIM becomes useless. That was never the case. Not only from my personal experience as a long time/standing Rogers mobile customer,  but also verified with the OP when I asked about it. Basically, I was told the messaging is such to avoid people from swapping SIM cards. However, the fact remained, the SIM remained valid as long as you didn't close your account..


Feel free to send me a private message and delete/edit this post if necessary. Wink

Hello again @Confusedhere,


If you need to switch back to a physical SIM there will not be a charge, also, when you purchase a new SIM physical or eSIM it has a 365-day warranty so if anything happens you will get another through the same point of sale.

There is no set rule for the amount of time you can switch or change SIM cards but if you do it often it will most likely trigger a fraud alert because that's not normal behavior.


From my knowledge and past experience, I could never use a SIM card that was replaced but then again I've never had to do anything like you, if I change SIM I have no reason to reuse the old one but now I'm curious to test it.

I'm a contributor level 3
I'm a contributor level 3



That's interesting for sure. I never heard of the "warranty" for SIM cards, but it's good to know. 


I've never had any issue with triggering a fraud alert when swapping SIM cards, but it's all good if that indeed what occurs (too many SIM swapping scams).


Should there ever be an issue with imposed fees with eSIM "renewal" or SIM "renewal", is there something in "policy" where I can refer to the agent whether it's in-store, over the phone, or online chat?

Hello @Confusedhere, as far as I'm aware there is no specific written policy in regards to the SIM warranty but it should fall under their terms specifically Section 9-A, this is something that Fido customer service agents would/should know when it comes to store employees that's a different story because these locations are individually owned and those agents are sales driven often times you don't get adequate support there unless you know what you are doing.


From my understanding and the information I was able to gather the amount of time you swap/change SIMs and the reason will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. 

I'm a contributor level 3
I'm a contributor level 3



Thanks for the reply and reference.


Unfortunately there is no warranty per se on the SIM card. The definition of equipment in the terms and agreement doesn't specifically mention a SIM card.


While I understand where you're coming from and realistically if tech support can definitively eliminate the equipment, then as a good will gesture they may provide a replacement SIM card gratis. However, as I see it, they're not obligated to.


As I read and write, I'm having difficulty with this forum software which makes it difficult for me to read in appropriate order. I changed my thread settings and it's not making much of a difference. It appears this forum software is the same Google uses and it's a nightmare for most.


Anyways, like with warranty you mentioned and section 9, stores are charging for converting SIM to eSIM.


The Rogers "family" needs to get their act together with their stores and locations and communicate clearly and effectively so existing Rogers and Fido customers aren't charged for the swap and replacement eSIM so everyone is on the same page.



Hello again @Confusedhere, the only unfortunate part is that there is no actual written public policy regarding the warranty on SIM cards, I can assure you there is a 365-day warranty on the SIM card. I did look beyond any public information in order to get that information.


As I mentioned before the store employees are a different story, while stores that are Fido branded locations they are individually owned, and because they are sales-driven they don't provide adequate customer support.


There is information on regarding changing SIM cards but the other unfortunate part is it's not updated.

Good morning @Confusedhere , as far as I can can tell, you have to go to a fido corp store to get an esim or call in to have a qr code sent to you. This  is what I found by searching hope this answers your questions. 

I'm a contributor level 3
I'm a contributor level 3

Hi @Original_Lucy 


I'm not relying on the information on Fido's /Rogers website. It wouldn't be the first time the information is incorrect or dated especially since there are mixed reports specifically:


1. the eSIM QR code is either emailed to you or generated in the Fido/Rogers Portal

2. the eSIM voucher must be picked up in store

3. the eSIM has a fee 

4. the eSIM has no fee

5. your physical SIM becomes void after the switch

6. your physical SIM can be used later if you want to switch back to a physical SIM

7. the eSIM scan is a one time use afterwhich you must obtain a new one



Additionally, no information on the details such as the limitations of the eSIM when transferring devices and how often you can "swap" the QR code (if at all).


For those who have multiple phones physical SIM swapping had no limitations, but I was reading with other carriers that there are limitations with eSIM imposed by the carrier in this regard and many more issues the customer needs to be aware of before considering going the eSIM route


As a suggestion, we need more clarity from Fido. Perhaps you can contact the OP and have them make a formal request to have this info included on your website?