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delinquent charges

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Since I no longer live in Canada, I have suspended my cell phone and also suspended my card.
I was leaving Canada on the last day of June, and the bill for the 25th of July was included. I had a problem with my bill, so I chatted in mid-July, and was told that a new bill would be due on August 1st. I wanted to pay after seeing the rate, and when I checked today, I was charged an extra fee of $50 because I hadn't paid on the due date. When I chatted today, it was said that it was on the bill because it was the last time, but I did not hear that it was last on the bill for July and that a fee of more than 50 dollars would be charged. I waited to get a discount of $30 on the unused 25 days, but in the end I ended up paying about $25 more. Throw it away very embarrassing. I'm annoyed that I waited for only the words of the assistant who chatted with me.



Hello @kijin22,


I can not comment on what was discussed between you and the agent but since this is an account-related issue it would be best to contact customer service directly as they are the only ones with access to the account and can better assist you.