data overage

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

data overage

hi. i have some problem with my payment.



I received my billing on August 21 and paid for it on the 22nd. But on the 26th, I received text from fido that I overused the data.

If I paid on the 22nd, will the data be recovered again after that? I don't understand why I have to pay an extra $ 50 for the data I've used since the 22nd. I would like to hear the explanation. thank you.

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Re: data overage

Hey @ribbit6!


Welcome to the community.🙂


If you have a Data option, a text message is sent to let you know when your data usage goes over certain pre-defined thresholds, depending on your data option:  

- once you've reached 90% or your data option

- once you've reached 100% or your data option


Please take note of the following: 

  • These messages are sent to you on an informative basis only; you’ll always be billed according to your usage whether the texts are received or not. 
  • The text message alert is sent only after the data session has finished. This means you will not receive any notification while you are still connected to the internet.
  • You will always receive these text message notifications between 8 am to 10 pm EST.

Keep in mind, moving forward, you can track your monthly usage by using 3 available self-serve tools here:

  • By dialing *28 from your Fido phone to hear your usage
  • Through the Fido Application
  • By logging into MyAccount & click "View Usage"

With that said, I'll need to take a closer look at your account, as the Over-Charge can change from one plan to the next. 


I'll send you a PM to take a closer look.


By the way, feel free to reach out to us by PM on Facebook or DM on Twitter if you ever have questions about your specific account!

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