data charges

data charges

data charges

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data charges

since jan 2017, my plan with 500 mb  data, was given a bonus 1 gb data from fido ( total 1.5 gb )


since then, every month, when i go over 500 mb,  $10 is charged, have to call fido every month, they said they cannot do anything, just call every  month to get this fixed


very tiring to have to call fido every month to get this fixed,  very painful


btw been with fido since 2000  ( 17 years )



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Hey @jg789


We would need to check your account to see your options.


You have the option to contact us through our other channels here.


Or you we can simply send you a PM here on the Community.

Let us know Smiley

Hello @jg789 welcome to the community!


It sure can be frustrating having to call every month to have this corrected. 


It could be that the 1gb was not applied properly to your account or maybe it was offered to you by an agent but the addon is not compatible with your account so its showing on your account but not active. I've had both situations happen to me. 


You came to the right place the moderators here are great and hopefully they can have a look at your account and get it sorted out permanently.