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calling 225 gives one expiry date online balance shows another.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I added $100 to my phone via prepaid voucher in Feb 2020. When I call 611 or log on here my account shows the expiry date of Feb 8 2021.


BUT when I call 225 to check balance, my expiry date shows as 12/10/2020! I called support but nothing they did changed this.


It's horribly confusing. Are they going to kill my balance in October or can I rest peacefull until next February? What is going on? (I think I originally opened the account in a December of some year--nothing makes sense of expiration in October).


Thanks for help.



Hey @SanSam,


Welcome to the community! 😊


Rest assured the correct date would be the one you see on your online profile or when you dial *611. 

Your prepaid account would remain active until February 8, 2021!