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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

how to change my billing information i already moved to different province, i purchased phone but my billing information cant be change theres an error on that part if i change.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @Chory- !


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As mentioned by @Original_Lucy, you can update your billing information online on It's also a good reminder to update your billing information with your bank if you're set up for pre-authoriozed payments.


With that being said, you've also shared that you're waiting for phone to be delivered to your address. It's important to note that in this case, we'd usually suggest to change your address before ordering a new phone and not while the phone is being shipped. That said, you can reach out to us on these channels and we'll be happy to assist you with the change.


Lastly, you can keep the same phone number and price plan you have when moving. Your plan may need to be changes though, if you're looking to change your number to the area code available in the new province.


Hope this helps!

Hi @Chory- , to change your billing information when you move to a different province, your credit card has to be changed to that province also before you can change billing address. Also, once you change province, your plan has to be a province specific plan. So, first change your credit card billing address and then your account billing address. Otherwise you will get an error message.