beeping after call ends - fido home phone zte

beeping after call ends - fido home phone zte

beeping after call ends - fido home phone zte

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beeping after call ends - fido home phone zte

my zte home phone makes 3 or 4 beeping sounds after a call has ended. 

this includes when my answering machine is engaged. 

i've connected the modem to my wireless phones with includes its own answering machine.

i've disabled the fido answering machine - but it was doing it on that too. 

what can i do? 



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Hey @denner ,


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Can you clarify where is the beeping coming from? It's on the line or the unit?


Also, when did this start?



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It must be from the zte box I never heard from my old Shaw system...



Thanks for the details, @denner!


We'll need a bit more info to get to the bottom of it. Can you tell us which lights are ON on the modem and are any of them blinking? If yes, which ones?


Also, when did this start? Has the beeping always been there since you set up the service or is it recent?


Lastly, have you tried restarting the modem to see if that changes anything?


Let us know.



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I believe it started day 1 i when i got the zte box.. 
power light is on,
battery light is on, 
strength lights - 4-5 bars..
i had the message recorder turned off on the unit because the wireless phone has its own message recorder... 
 i just plugged the power cord it in to the wall outlet to charge up the battery and connected my base unit for my 3 wireless phones (panasonic) same unit i had on my shaw system. i think they're about 10-12 years old - still works great. 
when i pick up the phone i hear a dial tone right away, when i make a call its all fine - no buzzing of beepings. when any call ends - ie the other person ternminates the call - i hear the beeps...i think i counted 5-6 beeps, sometimes more.
I'll try to post the sound if you want..

I found an older thread on the community that seems to indicate a similar issue, but I'm not convinced it's exactly the same. 


To be sure, the sound comes from the ZTE itself or do you hear it through the phone.


Can you also tell me when that line was activated? Did you ever exchange the ZTE? 

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no that isn't related to my problem. 


i was thinking maybe it was something with way cordless phones terminate calls, so i used a fixed cord phone but the beeps still are heard at the end of the call when the other person hangs up.  


maybe its something to with the termination signal coming from the zte unit, its taking a while to terminate the phone connection? 

any way to test that? 



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Hey @denner


Thank you for sharing these updates. This is definitely an odd situation. We can take a closer look into the user guide from the manufacturer on our end to help better understand this. Can you confirm which version of the ZTE modem you are using?

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Here you go... ( MODEL WF721 )


Let me know if this isn't what you want..

Hey @denner


Let's take a look a it together to figure it out.

I'm sending you a PM now.

Talk to you soon.