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Xs 259

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I order a XS last wednesday i was NOT told that it was backordered. Recieved confirmation email next day but no tracking number. So i called back Friday and after 2 hours on the phone the lady says that the reason why phone wasn't sent was because i have a balance on my account  i told her i know that and that the guy who took my order on wednesday said I did NOT have to be pay it off. So she was very aggresive with me to pay and having a daughter crying waiting for her new phone and this covid thing i had to use my savings to pay off the tab. After i paid she said I  would have a tracking number with in 24 hours. Well that never happened so i called again today and spent another 2 hours with an operator who finally says OH ITS ON BACK ORDER. To say i am dissipointed is an understatement so i used my savings to pay a bill that did not have to  be paid right away and i still have NO phone. Now i see this website and it all makes sence now. If i would have been told that HEY ITS ACTUALLY BACKORDERED LAST WEDNESDAY THEN I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN A DIFFERENT PHONE. Please respond to me as i have 5 lines with u guys and i would really appreciate kjowing what is going on. Thanks Sal....



Hey @Salphone,


Thank you for connecting with us on the Community! I am sorry to read that your recent experience over the phone hasn't been a positive one. It certainly isn't the kind of service we aim to provide. We'd be happy to look into this with you right here.


While the account has to be in good standing when you upgrade your phone, it is not required for you to pay your balance that is due on an upcoming date though. Was that the case?


Also, can you tell us a little bit more about the device? Did you order the iPhone XS in 256GB capacity?


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello thanks for reply. Yes account was in good standing they was a past due though. Phone is XS 256.


Hey @Salphone


Thank you for the details.We definitely want to take a further look into this situation for you. 


Please send us a Private message on Facebook orTwitter. 


Our support team will be glad to check this out and provide you with a bit more clarity. 


Thank you.