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Wrong billing

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was shopping online as a new customer.
1. On your web-site I found that $45. fee would be waived for the online shopping. Today I got the bill that includes $45.
2. I was told that my monthly payment for the financed device would be $55. + tax. Today I got the bill that quotes $73.96 + tax
3. I did not ask for a new number. I was to bring my number from Koodo.
4. I am going to return the phone I ordered. Thank you very much.



Hello @vladan55,


Welcome to the community!


I'm not sure why you were still charged the $45 if you did it online but if you were charged then you should see a credit on one of your next two invoices.


In terms of what you were billed for did you get a chance to print/save your invoice details? It will tell you exactly what you were billed for, see here for instructions on how to print/save your invoice.


When you create or add a new line you will get a temporary number until the port of your old number is completed providing you initiate the port during the signup process. If you did not start the porting process then you will need to contact customer service and have them start the process.