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Wrong advice. Wrong information

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I called Fido 2 weeks ago and spoke to Christina, a Fido customer service representative, to ask if I had any amounts owing on my phone. The Fido App confirms that I had zero, so I called and Christina also confirms that I had zero to pay for the financing. I was calling due to a phone plan that i was seeking for my wife who had her phone thrown in the washer machine by my toddler son. Our financial situation is in jeopardy and that is why i had to leave Fido. What made me decide to leave is when Christina confirmed that I had no more balance on my phone. I got my bill today and it says I do have an amount to pay, which will impact my finances by a lot. It might seem like a small amount, but we are counting our oennies in order to survive this pandemic. My anxiety is just getting worse everyday and after reading todays Fido bill, it's going to be a horrible time for my family. Please if you can listen to the call I had 2 weeks ago, because the wrong information I was given is very costly both mentally and financially.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Wsaleh33!


Thanks for sharing your experience with us, we always aim to be transparent and misinformation is something we take seriously. We would love the opportunity to review things with you in detail.


We're going to send you a private message so that we can check things out. See you there!