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Worst customer service

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Dear Fido, 

Thank you for contacting me via your winback program. I was very excited to go back to my once favourite phone company however, once accepting the offer that was given to me-- what should've been an easy switch of phone company providers became a nightmare.  

To provide further explanation, on June 22nd 2021, I was connected to a call with a winback agent. The offer was given to me by an agent by the name of Samir. He explained everything thoroughly, he was patient, and very attentive to details especially when it came to working around data and pricing etc. He offered me 6 gigs of data plus 2 free gigs of data for $35/month,financing the phone for $30/month, $200 credit for switching providers, and the $45 activation fee waived for an Iphone 12 pro gold. Additionally, he offered me a ZTE Grand X view 4 tablet for an extra $5/ month plus taxes. Of course, I grabbed that deal because it was quite hard to pass up. Roughly a week later, I received another call from him notifying me that he made an error and there needs to be a downpayment. However, he did tell me that the $200 credit he gave me for switching will be used towards the down payment thus making the device cost $440. I wasn't upset at him, I understand humans make mistakes and I was okay with paying $440 for the device. During the phone call, he went through the process of getting my credit card information and I thought after that everything would be okay.

 On June 23nd, I received an email notification that my  ZTE Grand X view 4 tablet order was getting prepared for shipment. I immediately contacted customer support because the Iphone wasn't in the email with regards to the  ZTE Grand X view 4 tablet being shipped. On June 24th, ONLY the tablet arrived at my home. June 22nd onward to July 8, I was getting the runaround from YOUR customer support team. For weeks, I had been contacting them asking for updates about the phone. Each time they would either say “you weren't approved for more than one line” or “you've approved for several lines, so i'm not sure what happened but well escalate it so it's taken care of quickly” or “we can look directly into your credit score which will affect your credit score or we’ll escalate it”. For 3 WEEKS, your customer support team was taking me (a customer who came back to this company due to the winback team's great offer) on a rollercoaster which could have easily been avoided. 

Early morning on July 6th, I received an email from Fido saying” credit card payment confirmation”. The problem with that email is that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE a $640 downpayment for the device. During the evening on that same day on July 6th, I had received another call from a different fido agent (who said he's just customer support). The gentleman told me that Fido is no longer able to offer me the deal they had originally given me because it is no longer available. He tried to offer me another deal but it wasn't as good of a deal as the agent Samir had offered me so I kindly declined and asked if I could speak with the winback programs manager. The Fido customer service agent then said in a very offended and upset tone of voice, i don't think the manager will give you a better deal but you can ask. He then said he’ll request for the manager to contact me and quickly ended the call. Due to him not telling me there could be a 24-48hour wait for the manager to phone me, I expected a call that same night. On July 7th, I contacted Fido’s customer support once again... This time the Fido agent said that the request was never put in for me to speak to the winback program manager so they sent in a request during that phone call and to wait 24-48hours. I was waiting since July 6th for the manager of the winback department to contact me and till this day (July 10th)  I have NOT gotten a callback. 

On July 9th, I called Fido AGAIN. The customer service agent put me through to a supervisor by the name of Doris. Doris was absolutely great and very apologetic. She really took the time to read the notes under my account and help solve the problems. On my fido app, it was showing my monthly plan was $45 for 6 gigs of data and that I was charged $640. She made me aware my payment did NOT process the $200 credit, that the $10 credit (which will be applied for 24 months) code was not working but my plan is $35, that the 8 gigs are on my account and finally, she let me know that whomever contacted me on July 6th saying my offer expired was incorrect and they honoured the plan that was offered to me because the long wait wasn't my fault, it was actually Fidos for taking so long. She told me she took fine notes and that someone will contact me in regards to the unauthorized $640 payment. Moments later, I received a call from Angela, who I believe is another supervisor. I made it clear that I did NOT authorize Fido to take a payment of $640 and that I would like my $200 back onto my credit card. She told me that she will contact the billing department in regards to this matter. 

On July 10th, I checked my Fido app to see if any changes were made --- sure enough there was. The amount of data changed from 6 gigs to 8 gigs, which I was very happy about; however, I also noticed $640 changed to $845 followed by “payment required by July 31st”. I did not understand how the payment price changed literally overnight. 

So again, I contacted Fido customer support. I began by asking the agent if I could speak with Doris and he immediately said no. I asked the agent the following questions..

-Why does my monthly cost show that I'm paying $45/ month? He said the 10$ credit is there, it just doesn't show yet.

Why do I have two phone numbers under my account? He responded because your tablet has data. Think of it like this, you need a number for data right? So your tablet has a number but you can't call that number 

-Why does my account say 13 days remaining when I only got the phone delivered July 9th? He responded that your billing cycle starts as soon as the phone is shipped. So your tablet was shipped june 22 and your phone July 8th so those are the start days of your billing. I asked if both bills can be put into one bill and he said no. 

-I said to him yesterday I spoke with Angela after speaking to Doris. Angela told me she is going to contact the billing department in regards to my card being charged $640 and get the $200 back onto my credit but today it's now $845. He said there isn't really a billing department but the 200$ credit is on your account and i explained to him i don't want it on my account, i want it onto my credit card where it should have never been taken off of to begin with.  

-Lastly, how much is the cost of my monthly tablet? He responded $15/ month because the plan is $10 and the data is an additional $5. I explained to him that is not what i was told, i was told simply just an additional $5/month for the ZTE Grand X view 4 tablet. At this point I asked to speak with a manager or supervisor available and he let me know he just checked if Doris is available but she isnt online so he put in a request for her to contact me Monday, July 12th. That wasn't okay with me because I've been going back and forth with this company since June 22nd (its now July 10th)  and I wanted it resolved now. I then was transferred to Raj, a supervisor in Montreal. He was also very apologetic of all the trouble I've endured and a very good listener. He asked what questions I have and we’ll work from there. My questions were the following..

-what is the monthly price of my tablet because the gentleman before you said $15/month. 

He verified and told me the monthly cost is in fact $5/month

I then asked what is the $845.60 payment required on my account? I explained I didn't authorize $640 nevermind $845.60!!! He asked for my credit card information and let me know he filled out the form for the non approved money to go back onto my credit card. He asked me if there's anything else and he told me everything that was included in my phone plan then the call ended. I called my previous phone provider to let them know of the switch then contacted Fido again. Once Fido made the number port, the call ended. After a few minutes of me checking my Fido app, they switched the wrong number. So again, I had to contact Fido and let them know and they said the number change could take a few fours to a day to switch.

Overall, this is the WORST experience I've EVER had with a phone company. I put my trust in Fido and switched back but even before I fully switched back, problems started occurring and it was and is clear Fido LACKS CUSTOMER CARE. Otherwise, this problem would have been resolved within a couple of days and NOT 3 weeks!! It makes no sense how I only received the iphone on July 9th, attempted to activate it July 10th but I won't have phone service provided from Fido until July 11th because they ported the WRONG NUMBER BUT I still have to pay the first monthly bill on July 22nd for only 12 days of service provided.. How ridiculous.Plus pay for the tablet which is still currently in the box and has not been activated.


 As a new customer at Fido, it is very easy to see that the customer support agents are not well trained and they lack information. They kept me on a string, when as the customer, I needed to be maintained in the loop as much as them. They need to make their customers feel as though they care but they terribly failed to do so. I do not feel like a valued new customer at Fido. Your company won me back based on 3 fantastic employees -------- Samir, the agent who was very genuine and active/present and attentive when called me with the offer and was very remorseful and apologetic when he called the second time, letting me know of the down payment. Doris, who took the time to listen to me and also read all the notes to figure out how to best help me but also tell me what's going on with my account and keep me updated and not wondering what's going on. And finally Raj, who went slowly and made me feel like my problems with the company mattered and actually rectified the issues going on plus acknowledging that I have been getting alot of run-arounds from Fido. They did the ultmost to gain and keep me as a customer, listen to my needs, rectify any issues, keep me updated and lastly being 100% truthful. No customer will believe any sales person if there is no genuineness behind your words.

The winback department did great but the customer support service did extremely poor at maintaining that experience 

Although I have only been back with fido for a very short amount of time, given the circumstances and many many problems that have occurred, I do feel that there should be some type of compensation or additional discounts for the countless problems Fido has caused me.  No customer should endure what I had to; as well as feeling like they don't matter. 

I am genuinely disappointed with the customer service I have received from this company and I hope with careful decision, you understand my request for being compensated or given additional discounts for this matter. 



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Good morning @Missmakaayla

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with the Fido Community. 

This is certainly not the experience we wish for our customers. 


If you would like to further discuss this with a Fido representative, please contact us 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Good morning,

i did contact you guys via. Phone and the manager Bianca was very rude again and another customer service agent told me there's nothing they can do because my phone plan already had a deal