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Extra 5gb free data disappeared

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I received a notification yesterday that I had used up 75% of my data and when I logged into my account it now shows that I only have 4GB total data available each month. I have been on the same plan which is 4GB + 5GB extra data for a total of 9GB each month for two years, and I never made any changes to my account. Can I get help through a PM please? I would like my data back. Thank you!



Hello @sarahhuffman333,


Welcome to the community!


First of all, let me say while this community is moderated by Fido employees it is not officially a customer service channel you would need to reach out to customer service through any of the available methods listed here.


It is possible that the extra 5GB was for a limited time and was not permanent you can check your last 3 invoices and see if you were notified that the 5GB promotion was ending. 


If you still have any concerns you can always reach out to customer service and they can go over your account and see what is going on.