Worst customer service experience.

Worst customer service experience.

Worst customer service experience.

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Worst customer service experience.

I have been with FIDO for 3 years now. I paid for my phone since then and recently when I visited FIDO desk for unlocking the phone they informed me the phone is not listed in the system and need to call customer service. But with repeated attempts of calling for continues 3 days no body is answering.

I am experiencing this king worst customer service for the first time. I will NEVER EVER choose FIDO.

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Everyone has to be put on hold as many phone companies are pusing out promotions for cell phone plans.  Many other carriers are doing the same so the wait times will probably be compariable.


The fact that you have been with Fido for 3 years will not earn you any special priority treatment that you expected.  Heck many of us have been with Fido for > 15 years and we still get treated the same.  


Feel free to switch to other carriers as you please. It is a free country after all.

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I can confirm that the  service quality significantly decreased.  I have been with Fido for 17 years and the customer service rep especially on the phone while polite tell us whatever we want to hear so they can close the call. Fido does not recognize the ageement made with them on the phone even after they review the recording of the call.  In the last month, I have been lied to and made false promises by phone reps. Supervisor promise they will call me back and do not.  Last one told me he would call me the following day, it’s been 10 days so far...One agent agent even gave me a false name. They clearly have taken tips from their Rodgers counterparts.  Not impressed. Unfortunately except Vidéotron (not available in my area) all cell phone provider are equally poor when we compare their Customer service ethics and quality. 

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Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback @MCG1


We'll definitely have to access your account to understand exactly what happened and see what can be done to resolve the situation, I'll send you a PM in a moment.