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Best fido

Calling to Fido last night for a free phone without change plan, but really upset with upgrade phone on them. And complaint 40 dollars plan raise up to 45 dollars without notice. Finally decided to cancel 3 lines service at next cycle end day (25 days).

All day without using phone and find out already cancelled one line on the account at tonight. How much more fido can do to their customers.



Hey @Sarah30,


Welcome to our Community.


I'm really sorry to learn about your most recent experience and we're really sad to learn that you decided to leave us Sad


As much as we'd really love to offer you a free phone with your current plan, the plan is Bring Your Own Phone and therefore not compatible with any phone subsidies. You would need to choose one of the plans in the other categories (Small, Medium, Large) to benefit from a phone subsidy.


You could've definitely also kept your existing plan and get a phone at full price.


As for the plan increase, we've sent you a bill message on your August 2017 bill. It will show on the page for the overview of the impacted cellphone number, not on the general account overview page. The message starts with “Your wireless plan rate is increasing”. Despite this, that plan remains 1 of our most competitive offers and better than anything that is currently available in-market.


This being said, I'll be happy to send you a PM here on the Community to take a closer look at everything.


I'll talk to you soon!