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Worst Service from Brightstar

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am without my mobile from month.


I have lost my mobile after 1 week of my purchase and bright star has sent me a used mobile which has issue with microphone. People who called me can't able to hear my voice. 


So, I have sent back my mobile to brighstar for repair on Jan 26. They have sent the repaired mobile through UPS on Feb 4th. But I haven't received my mobile. Called UPS people and they told me they'll send me in couple of days after 2 follow up calls. 


On the 3 rd call, UPS people told me that the package was lost and asked me to raise a claim request so, they'll start the investigation. I have informed Bright star people along with raising claim request. Investigation took 8 days time. Called UPS and they told that, they'll only respond to the shipper which is Brighstar and only update Brighstar about anything. I have called Brighstar regarding this and they said they'll check with UPS team and asked me to call back after 2 hours and when I called back asked me call back after 2 days. After 2 days Brighstar people asked me to check with UPS. 


Why should I check with UPS as they are clearly mentioned that they will only update to Brighstar team. I have called Brighstar and told the same thing and they asked me to wait for 2 days. 


Called back Brighstar after 2 days, they said UPS has closed the investigation but we didn't get any update from them and asked me to check with UPS people. 


All the follow-ups that I have made with UPS has to be done by the Brighstar team and Brighstar is taking my escalation for fun. Brighstar told me on March 3 rd that they will ask UPS to do one more investigation and it will take more 8 business day to complete. 


From past 1 month I have been waiting for my mobile but didn't receive it yet. How many more days I need wait for the mobile. I have asked Brighstar to deal with UPS team but send me another new phone or compensate my mobile cost. They said we can't and cut my call. 


Such an irresponsible behavior and service Brighstar is providing to customers. 


  1. Brighstar has known about the lost phone and claim that  I have rasied in UPS portal on February 18th but they didn't respond at all untill I escalate the case on February 26th.

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @sivajibodduluri


Sorry to hear about your recent experience and that you're still without a functional device. Unfortunately, this investigation will require some back and forth between UPS and BrightStar and they wouldn't be able to give you an update until they complete it


With that said, we would strongly advise you to contact BrightStar to share your concerns, they have an internal escalation process available for these type of situations.


Can you give them a call to follow up and let us know how it goes?