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Worst Customer Service

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am with Fido more than 6 years and today I faced with a rude an unaccetabble behaviour from one of Fido representative. I was at one of Fido branch to transfer the resposibility of one of my line to my nephew, and we faced to the same issue we had for almost one month. when I told the Fido representative which after 6 years I am thinking of leaving the Fido, he came back to me and said, " if you want I can hang up with customer service and you can leave Fido, I can not take all of **bleep** and my job is not calling Customer service". 

I went to Virging mobile and transfered the line to my nephew , who was ready to be a new Fido customer, purchase a new phone and stock with Fido for 2 years. I am going to transfer two more lines tomorrow and transfer my last line after setteling my phone balance. How ever looks like paying almost $300/monlty is nothing for Fido. 

The Fido service is getting worse , dose not care about the Royal customer. I called the cusotmer service and compaint about the situation


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


I checked with store again, passed my number to the manager, called cutomer service and twitted with Fido Solution and no feed back so far. 

I am happy to take out three lines from Fido and waiting for my last line which is on contract. 

Also, I called customer service 3 times for changing the responsibility but I have been told I need to go to store and the Fido representative told me it is not thier job to call cusotmer service and ..  .

If Fido dose not care about 6 years customer, I am wondering how Fido behavious with new cusotmer. 


Hello, again @KamD,


Sorry to hear no one got back to you, I would suggest you go to another store because it sounds like that store has issues,you can let customer service know about that location when they reply to you.


The reason why you have to go to the store is so that they can make sure you are who you say you are because someone can have your info and try to get hold of your account over the phone so they can access your finances if you have two-step authentication set up on your bank account or paypal.


Hello @KamD,


Sorry to hear about your experience that's definitely not the way Fido does business. 


Since you went to a store location and these locations can be individually owned it would be better to speak to the manager at that location and he can deal with the representative directly.


Also, you can do a Transfer of Responsibility with customer service over the phone.