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Winback offered $10 discount that I never received.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

To begin, I was previously with Freedom Mobile.

On December 4, 2021, I was contacted by an agent named Shimone calling from 7x Powered Group Fido Winback Team, offering me 25gb for $45. She told me that she would give me $10 off, so it would be $35+HST for 24 months. I accepted the deal and returned to Fido.

She called me back on December 10, 2021 just to make sure the switch went smoothly, and she repeated that I would get $10 off, and the price would be $35+HST. She said that the discount would start on the 2nd or 3rd bill.

I asked if she could call me back in January, after my first bill just to make sure everything was ok. She agreed to call me back on January 11, 2022 at 2pm. She didn’t call me back.

On January 30, 2022, I chatted with a Fido agent who said that he could see a note on my account about the $10 discount, but he couldn’t give me the discount and only the 7x Winback team can apply it. He put in a request that somebody from 7x call me back about the discount. Nobody called me back.

Fast forward to June 1, 2022 I reached out to another Fido agent via chat. He said he can’t see any note about the $10 discount, but he put in a request for someone from 7x Winback team to call me back within 48 business hours. Nobody called me back.

I asked the agent about getting a copy of the voice recordings I had with Shimone the 7x agent, and he told me to email . I sent the email on June 1, 2022. I don’t know what the process is or how long it takes to get a response because nobody has replied to my email.

June 27, 2022 I chatted with a third Fido agent and asked if this issue can be elevated. The agent didn’t escalate, instead he told me he would put in a request for someone from 7x Winback team to call me back. So far nobody has called me back.

As you can see, my return to Fido has not been very pleasant. I feel like I was tricked into switching back by being offered the discount. If anybody can help I would really appreciate it. Thank you.



Hi there @Moonglade


Thank you for sharing your experiencing with the Community. 


We're sorry to hear your return to Fido hasn't gone as planned. 


Please contact us here so we can escalate with the the concerned team