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Why are advertised credits not applied????

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Upgraded Feb. 26 to Nexus 5, website states cost at that time was $150 but when renewing, cost is $50, Fido rep confirmed this, when I renewed I was also promised an extra $50 credit toward my remaining subsidy. 

Picked up the phone from the dealer the next day, mentioned the $100 off the phone cost for renewing and was told to phone Fido later. 

Phoned and was assured the notes were on the account and credits would be on the next bill. 

Next bill comes, no credits. rep refused to look at the notes on the account, kept looking at the invoice, (she sounded like she was half asleep), asked to speak with a supervisor, she at first refused, after I asked again she put me on hold, waited 10 minutes then call was disconnected. 

Called back, again refused supervisor, but the rep did look at the notes and claimed to have applied the $50 as I was promised toward the device subsidy. 

The renewal offer for the nexus is  now free but Fido doesn't offer price protection which is fine, I just want to receive the phone at the advertised price. 

Rep refused to look at the website pricing for renewal and again my request for a supervisor was denied. 

Next step is CCTS and Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations. 

Just posting this here to make other Fido customers aware that the renewal price as stated in website won't be honored. 



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Was that an online or phone agreement? Did you wait for the confirmation email before going to a store? Did the store offer the same deal at the time? I may be totally wrong here, but, sometimes when you make an agreement by phone or online, the product is usually shipped direct and not from a store. Was the store you went to an agent or a corporate store? All things to consider, as I have found that Fido has been relatively easy to deal with over the last 10 or 11 years. There have been bumps in the road, but, mostly a fair and effiicient customer service response. Try going to a corporate store and get it worked out in person if you cannot achieve it on the phone. OR send FidoStephen a DM and see if he may be able to clear it up for you. More flies with honey. Wink