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Website bug

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Screenshot taken after logging in. There does not appear to be a help topic for this type of issue. Also, I had already enabled multi-factor authentication.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 10.21.15.png


Community Manager
Community Manager



Thanks for flagging this! I sent this off to our dev teams and it should be fixed by end of day.

I just received confirmation that this should be resolved now (the code displaying in the subnav). Can either of you let me know if you're still seeing this? @LenK @KAPABLE-K 

@FidoStephen I can now confirm the error has been fixed.

Thanks for confirming, glad to hear it's now fixed for you!


Hey @LenK,


Thank you for the details.

Did you get this error simply when you logged in or did you try to disable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? 


The profile settings have an option to disable MFA for phone number and email. If a customer disables MFA for both email and phone number, the next time they try to sign in on the same device they'll be prompted to enable it again.  


 Have you tried a different browser?

@FidoSaira @FidoStephen it shows the same when I log in to my account.