Waiting to finish the contract. Finally got out!

Waiting to finish the contract. Finally got out!

Waiting to finish the contract. Finally got out!

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Waiting to finish the contract. Finally got out!

I had 2 year contract with Fido, which I was waiting to get over to cancel.

Reasons are:

                     I had got a Sony Ericson phone purchased from Fido. It's display n speaker phone stopped working within 6 months from the date of the contract. I had never dropped it n it was not at all wet not even once. When I gave it to Fido for service, it was returned it to me without repaired after 2 months! Reason told to me was stupid.Phone is in not repairable condition n warranty does not cover it! Then I had to purchase another phone spending $100.

                     Most of the nights can not access the online account, because of site maintenance! Which I never faced in any other hundreds of sites on the net! I don't no the big deal.




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I have gotten poor customer service also from Fido. I have 3 lines with FIDO all which will go to another provider. All I wanted FIDO to do is repair my FIDO smartphone. I was even willing to pay all costs. They wouldn't do it. I figured it out myself and found out it was a simple software reload. It took 5 minutes.

Bye Bye Fido
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I'm a Contributor Level 1

My wife and I have been with Fido for at least 11 years and are relatively happy with Fido overall.  We have had minor service glitches over the years but that happens with any cellphone service provider.  We have almost always found their CSRs and retentions staff helpful.  No major complaints here.  I just signed another 3 year contract with them and will likely renew again when that period is over.  I think Fido is one of the best service providers for an urban market.  I guess everyone has their own good-or-bad user experiences.

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Being with Virgin and Koodo mobile before I switched to Fido, I can say Fido's online account service has been the least accessible. I receive the odd error that there is a technical issue, etc, but with Virgin and Koodo I never received any such errors when trying to access my online account. Just my experience to date.